Frequently Asked Questions

CAPX gives you financing alternatives that go far beyond your local relationships. CAPX offers you the broadest possible range of financing options from capital providers across the nation, arming you with information to craft the ideal solution for your business – in as little as 72 hours. 

Unlike other platforms, CAPX eliminates costs as it is entirely driven by algorithms to facilitate instant lender discovery while connecting borrowers directly to lenders without requiring “human experts” to guide you through the process.

With CAPX, deal execution is also accelerated because we assign repetitive processes to algorithms. We also bring collaboration to the 21st century with tools such as instant messages, two-clicks phone calls with your team and capital providers and much more.

As a capital seeker, you’re not charged for access to CAPX. CAPX allows you to structure deals, find suitable lenders, and engage with them to execute your transactions. You can also use several CAPX tools to manage your organization, monitor your deals, and communicate and collaborate with deal teams.

$5 million is the minimum transaction size on CAPX, although majority of capital providers on CAPX are focused on transactions greater than $10 million. We do not have a fixed upper limit for transaction size, as a number of capital providers can engage on transactions greater than $100 million.

Ten debt products are currently available on CAPX, which individually or through appropriate combinations, can comprehensively address capital needs of any middle-market borrower that needs more than $5 million in debt capital.

These include:

  • Asset Based Line of Credit
  • Cash Flow Line of Credit
  • First Lien Term Loan
  • Bifurcated Term Loan
  • First Lien Last Out Term Loan
  • Unitranche Facility
  • Second Lien Term Loan
  • Mezzanine Term Loan
  • Equipment Loan
  • Equipment Lease

Our platform provides detailed guides for each of these debt products, including their essential features and relevant underwriting processes. Also, we are only a click away if you have any questions. 

Absolutely! While CAPX algorithms enable financial executives to readily structure appropriate debt transactions themselves, our customer success team is available to guide you through the process. We can also work with you to craft your credit story and create a perfect teaser that you can use to request term sheets from capital providers of your choice.

Our vigilance for data security starts when we get a request for registration – each new applicant and their employer is verified and admitted to CAPX only if they are appropriate for our platform. Once registered, each user’s access is verified through industry standard login procedures. CAPX is hosted on Amazon Web Services behind up to date firewall protocols. Finally, all of our data, including your documents, profiles and messages, is kept encrypted using the latest industry standard encryption methods.

We at CAPX firmly believe that you own your data – you control what information is provided to third parties and who receives it. Before sharing your data with a third party, you’re protected by a binding, industry-standard confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement. While accessing CAPX at any time, every participant must reaffirm their agreement to abide by this NDA, offering you continued security.

Once you provide all the data we need, you can get indicative term sheets from multiple interested capital providers in as little as 72 hours. This is because we’re designed to accelerate the deal-screening process at financial institutions. Even before providers see your data, CAPX’s workflow and algorithms perform extensive analysis, organization and presentation work that typically takes institutions days or even weeks.

CAPX individually verifies providers before we invite them to join our platform. Our screening process includes personal interviews with senior team members to understand their organization, product offerings and preferences. Finally, you will be able to review the details of each capital provider on CAPX and visit their corporate websites directly from CAPX before you decide to engage with them.

CAPX is not an investor or a lender. We do not provide any form of capital ourselves. We are a data-driven fintech marketplace that matches capital needs of businesses with risk preferences of nationwide third-party financial institutions. Our algorithmic approach to capital markets facilitates instant lender discovery while providing national reach, rapid execution and lower costs for borrowers and lenders alike.

Unlike other platforms, CAPX is fully driven by algorithms to facilitate instant lender discovery while connecting borrowers directly to providers. We’ve also assigned repetitive tasks to algorithms, freeing up users to focus on decision making and managing their business, rather than on the deal execution process.

When signing up for CAPX, you own your data, control what information is provided to third parties, and who receives it. Before sharing your data with a third party, you’re protected by a valid, industry-standard confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

Finally, CAPX gives you access to a host of collaboration and management tools to automate and accelerate deal execution.