Frequently Asked Questions

CAPX compliments your existing originations strategy by putting you directly in front of CFOs who could be outside your typical coverage. We enable your firm to create a targeted national presence overnight, without any additional investments in infrastructure or human resources. If you already have a national presence, CAPX makes your coverage more productive. If you want to diversify your deal sources, create an effective national presence and source only doable deals, CAPX is the right platform for you.

Our philosophy is pretty simple – you don’t pay us anything if we do not add value to your process. On the other hand, it takes a whole lot of complicated algorithms to implement our simple philosophy. Let’s talk to discuss details.

Our vigilance for data security starts when we get a request for registration – each new applicant and their employer is verified and admitted to CAPX only if they are appropriate for our platform. Once registered, each user’s access is verified through industry standard log in procedures. CAPX is hosted on Amazon Web Services behind up to date firewall protocols. Finally, all of our data, including your documents, profiles and messages, is kept encrypted using the latest industry standard encryption methods.

We at CAPX firmly believe that you own your data – you control what information is provided to third parties and who receives it. Before sharing your data with a third party, you’re protected by a valid, industry-standard confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement. While accessing CAPX at any time, every participant must reaffirm their agreement to abide by this NDA, offering you continued security.

Conventional deal processes are burdened with repetitive tasks and inefficient communications, resulting in delays. With CAPX, repetitive tasks are assigned to our algorithms while we start you off with a polished document, precisely crafted with the information and analysis you need to evaluate a deal, and nothing more. Our team management and instant communication tools allow you to instantly collaborate with your colleagues to evaluate a deal, draft a term sheet with the help of our algorithms and send it to a capital seeker with two clicks, leaving you with quite a few extra hours to start evaluating your next CAPX deal.

We verify the identity of each new interested user and their employer before admitting them to CAPX. Additionally, our systems are designed with detailed permission structures to prevent potential misuse. Most importantly, you have the ultimate control over what type of capital seekers you want to engage with. CAPX gives you numerous tools to filter out deals you want to avoid and receive only the deals that you can do, all with a couple of clicks.

CAPX is not an investor or a lender. We do not provide any form of capital ourselves. We are a data-driven collaboration platform that matches capital needs of businesses with risk preferences of nationwide third-party financial institutions. Our algorithmic approach to capital markets provides national reach, rapid execution and lower costs for businesses and capital providers alike.





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