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As a CFO You Can’t Afford to Be In the Dark

By Rocky Gor

Just as every aspect of our personal lives has changed with the immediacy and efficiency of the internet, the same potential exists for business. The internet has truly facilitated the expansion of and ability to participate in a global economy. However, while many aspects of business have changed and improved; solutions within mid-market corporate lending and capitalization have not kept up – until now. That’s where CAPX comes in.

As the CEO or CFO of your organization, you have a ton of responsibility. Raising capital is only a fraction of what you oversee. You don’t have time to keep tabs on fluid debt market trends, and even less time to expand the list of the “right” lenders to call when you need capital. The pool of middle market lenders has ballooned to more than 1,000 and knowing which capital providers and capital types will have the most favorable characteristics to meet your needs is cumbersome.

Rather than trying to assess the options on your own doing what you’ve always done to secure financing, CAPX does the work for you. We take the guesswork out of finding your best options for securing capital, right from your desktop.

Tried and true may seem the ‘easiest’ way to go, but more often than not it’s not the best option.

Just as in most things in life, we’re creatures of habit. Even when we’re anticipating and planning for an acquisition or merger, or in need of capital; we naturally do what we’ve always done unless we’re aware of something easier or better. CAPX is an easier and better way to find, explore and assess your options.

You can now access and design viable capital structures and create financing scenarios with new tools and information right on your computer. CAPX allows you to quickly and efficiently find capital options nationwide within minutes without even stepping out of your office. Consider it matchmaking for corporate finance.

With CAPX you can gain immediate access to capital options that might not have been readily available before. With all the new choices available to you, you can quickly and easily input your capital needs and then efficiently access and evaluate a number of capital types and lenders to create a nationwide competition for your deal.

CAPX takes your capital needs and matches them with the risk preferences of lenders to provide you a complimentary and comprehensive capital solution. Through CAPX you have freedom of choice to evaluate all your options through one easy platform and engage with lenders of your choice through an intuitive online interface.

When it comes to corporate finance and securing capital, tried and true may seem the ‘easiest’ way to go, but more often than not it’s not the best option. You can expand your options and easily explore a variety of innovative and creative capital funding solutions through CAPX today.

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